Training Tips You Can Trust

Several times in your life you must have promised to yourself “from tomorrow I will start getting fit”. Well, that tomorrow has probably evaded you and if this situation sounds familiar then you should comfort yourself by thinking that you are not alone. Bondi personal trainers say that 70% of people who embark on unsupervised training programs fail in their objectives. The key learning here is that physical training activities should not be approached casually.

Be realistic
Often people make unrealistic goals and then get disappointed at an alarming rate when they are unable to fulfill them. It’s important to do an objective analysis of yourself including why you can and cannot hope to achieve in a given period of time. Your current physiological state should be logically mapped preferably by personal trainers. Your cardiac efficiency, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, lung efficiency etc are all important physical state indicators. You need to know feasible goals and expected time period in which you can achieve these goals from your trainer.

Choose your mode to fitness
When you have decided on your end goal, the next logical step should be to zero in on the mode you need to reach that goal. If it’s a gym you are considering joining then see whether that gym has good equipment and a trained fitness instructor who can cater to your needs.
On the other hand if it’s a boot camp you are thinking of joining then you need to check out timings, equipment requirement, fitness criteria etc. Similarly you will have to gather details of whatever fitness activity you are planning to pursue like kick boxing, speed jogging, power yoga or pilates.

Think of your diet
Simply exercising is not enough as diet plays a major role in underlining your fitness goals. It will not help you if you gym everyday with the intention of losing weight and eat cheeseburgers at home. Make up a realistic diet char for yourself in consultation with your Bondi personal trainer and then follow it strictly.

If you cheat on the diet (ideally you should not) then you should compensate by working out hard the next day. Diet and exercise are always the best combination for putting yourself back on the path of fitness.

A sneak tip here is to throw away all the fattening food you have in your fridge and then replace it by healthier substitutes.

Look for support
If you are on a solo fitness journey without the expert supervision of a trained personal trainer in Bondi then you should know that the chances of failure are much higher. However you can use motivators like your best friends, spouse and other family members who can call you up periodically and remind you of the importance of becoming fit.

If you are jogging, find out buddies who will jog with you. Similarly if you can get engaged in a group fitness activity then chances of it succeeding are much higher.